5 tips on how to stay focused

I’m a really chaotic person. Not the outward messy kind but the sort that keeps all her mess inside her head. At times I find it really difficult to not be overwhelmed by everything that is going on inside my head. I put a lot of pressure on myself and eventually get nothing done due to the stress I create. This means I have trouble with staying focused. Everyone probably knows a person who is bursting with energy and ideas, but gets nothing done. Maybe you are that person. I know I am. So I decided to share some tips with you on how I stay focused on my goals and the tasks at hand. These tips can help you study better, write that paper faster of get that great idea for a blog post written sooner.

1. Find something that gives you peace of mind

This can be going to the gym, going for a run/walk, go cycling, meditate or just screams your lungs out every now and then. Whatever works for you, do it. This will help clear your head and make room for what needs to be done. I get overwhelmed easily. When this happens, I try to go to the gym or focus on my breathing.

2. Get organized

Make a to do list. Get a planner, like this one (link). Make a bullet journal (if your more creative). Get an app for you phone that helps you keep track of all the tasks you need to do. Planning ahead helps to have a clear view of what needs to be done. When you know what you’ll be doing with your time, it’s easier not the be overwhelmed by all that you need to do. Another handy tip is to divide your tasks into smaller tasks. Write them down, tick them off when you’ve done them. That way you know what is done and what still needs work.

3. Have something to write on with you

If you are like me and get these random bursts of creativity, make you sure you have something to write your new ideas down on. Nothing is more frustrating than getting home, knowing you had a great idea and NOT REMEMBERING WHAT IT WAS (guilty). When I was in college and needed to study for my exams I always made sure I had a post-it note next to me to write everything down on (stuff I needed from the store, random ideas, things I wanted). This helped me stay focused on my tasks, while making sure I didn’t forget what I was thinking about.

I always carry a tiny notebook with me. And I have an app on my phone, called Evernote, where I can put everything down when I don’t have pen and paper.

4. Have habits

Having habits makes it easier to stay focused on important tasks. Habits are things that you are used to doing and therefore require less attention. Not having to use your precious and limited focus on mundane tasks will help you safe it for more important stuff (like scrolling to buy new gym gear online).

5. Stick to what you are doing

Oh, I find this very very challenging. I start something and get side-tracked by my own mind. While doing something that I thought was a great idea, I get another great idea and instead of just saving it for later, I want to do it NOW. So I lose track of what I was originally doing, lose focus, and in the end this leaves me feeling like I’m a quitter. To solve this problem look back at tip #3!

Hope this helps you guys out!

xo Eliza