This is me!

This is me!


I want to give you all a better sense of who I am, so here we go!

I’m Eliza and I am 25 years old. In June 2015, I graduated as a youth worker. After that I started searching for a job and got to the last round of a couple of things. But it didn’t really work out well for me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to work as a youth worker.

I wanted something more. Something that would make me feel like I was doing the thing I love most. This was the reason I eventually subscribed to become a fitness instructor and sportsmasseuse. In the meantime I graduated and am now a certified fitness instructor.

The main reason I made this blog was to have an outlet. A way of recording my time during my course and possible future job(s). Besides that, my main focus will be fitness and health-related topics.

See you around!