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Review: The Body Shred Program

Hi you guys!

This will be my first review ever, so I hope I’ll be able to express myself properly and not bore you to death!

My review will be about a program I bought some time ago (maybe 2 years ago now). The program is called The Body Shred Program. One of the main reasons I bought this program was because I got bored with my old routine, was looking for something new and did not really know  how to make my own program.

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Fitness, Home, Reviews

Review: Crush60 (before)

Hi everyone!

I just bought Crush60 (the complete guide), because I am kinda at a loss as to where my fitness journey would go from here on. I feel like I don’t have a purpose anymore when I go to the gym. Sure, I still want to be strong as hell and I want to lift heavier. But I don’t like my routine. It doesn’t feel like I am doing something challenging. Last time I felt like this, I decided to splurge on Body Shred Program (read my review here).

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