Hey guys!

So, you probably noticed I haven’t posted a Friday Favorites in a while. I can make excuses, but mostly I was just kinda lazy. Haven’t taken my blog seriously enough the last month or so. That’s now done. Getting back in the game, because I love blogging and I want to make it worthwhile. So here I am again with another Friday Favorites!

Favorite Grocery Store

Maybe a weird one to integrate into this post, but heck. I love love LOVE Albert Heijn! In the past I didn’t have one nearby but now I do. A couple of stores from my work there is an AH! For you guys from Belgium and the Netherlands, you probably get what I mean. I especially like the fact that they sell different things than in most of the other stores here in the country. The non-fat yoghurt in a lot of flavors for instance. Awesome!

Friday Favorites: Favorite Grocery Store

Favorite Cycling Gear

I recently purchased a cycling light, because the one I had wasn’t that bright. Now I have one that has 3 different brightnesses, which is comes in very handy when cycling in the dark without street lights. I feel safer that way. Not that I’m scared in the dark, but it’s nice to see where you’re going. My other favorite cycling gear is my cycling pants. The life-saver (more like butt-saver haha)! Also Decathlon bought for a very low price. I love it. I use it a lot. So I’m going to invest in another one, but a shorter one. Makes my butt happy.

Favorite Song At The Moment

There is a lot of great music at the moment in the hit lists. But my absolute favorite song of the moment is one that you cannot find in the hit list. I discovered it while watching a YouTube video of Nikki Blackketter and have been in love with the song ever since. It’s my go to ‘HELL YEAH LET’S DO THIS’ song. Just click on play and enjoy! 😀

xo Eliza