Hey guys!

This week’s Friday Favorites will be some more brand oriented, haha. That’s because I needed some new shoes and a gym bag.

Favorite Shoes

I recently bought some new Nikes and I’m absolutely in love with them. I bought the Nike Air Force One Flyknits in white. They are really lightweight and the feel amazing. Sadly I bought them a size too small. The sizing in these shoes is off from the regular Nike sizing. So I bought my usual size and there I made the mistake. So now I need to return them and get anther pair in the right size. -sigh-

Friday Favorites: Nike Air Force One Flyknit White

Favorite Gym Bag

As I was already ordering from the Nike store, I decided to invest in a gym bag. I’m going to hit the gym more when I reach my goal weight to start my strength training again, so I would need a bag that going to fit all my stuff. Usually I only have a towel, water bottle and my headphones with me, but I’m going to start training before and after work which means I’ll need to bring shower stuff. This all fits nicely into my new bag!
Friday Favorites: Nike Gym Bag

Favorite Breakfast

Currently I’m really into my breakfast. I’m not a breakfast kinda person usually (unless I’m on vacation and I have a breakfast buffet hehe), but I found a new combination that I’m really into. I just mix 150gr of Optimel Greek Style yoghurt in vanilla flavour with 45gr Jordans Super Berry granola. Absolutely amazing and macro’s are OK! Macro’s are: 269kcal / 6,1F / 33,3C / 16,9P

What where your week’s favorite things? Let me know in the comment section!

xo Eliza