Hey guys!

Last week I haven’t tried many new things or paid a lot of attention to what I was using the most. That meant writing this Friday Favorites was a bit harder than usual, but I made do. I decided I would give some more attention to fitness related things this week, because that’s what my blog is about most.

Favorite Biking Sweater

At the moment it’s not too hot outside, but it’s not cold anymore either. Dressing well for cycling is not that easy. In the beginning I’m freezing, at the end I’m too hot. That sucks. But I do have a sweater I always wear, because I like it a lot. Once again it’s technical and not that expensive! I bought it at Decathlon in the Running department actually, but it’s perfect for cycling too!

It’s the Kalenji Elioplay Running Shirt that’s available for €9,99 at Decathlon.

Friday Favorites #6: favorite Biking Sweater

Image found at www.decathlon.be

Favorite At Home Workout Material

I don’t use much at home workout material because I have an gym membership. But if I would train at home there is one thing I would buy for sure and that’s a TRX. It’s a really versatile piece of equipment that will allow you to have a decent workout at home. Very functional training too! There are a lot of different exercises you can do with a TRX. A quick google search will give you tons of options to get started!

TRX is available in different online store or regular sports stores. Price ranges from €29,99 (Decathlon) to over €100?

Friday Favorites #6: favorite At Home Workout Material

Image found at www.sports-nutrition.nl

Favorite Trainingsapp

For some time now I’ve stopped using Fitocracy. At the moment I’m using FitNotes to keep track of my training and progress. It’s very easy to use. There are a lot of exercises pre-loaded into the app and you have the possibility to make goals per exercise. For example: my deadlift has the goal to reach 6x70kg. Under your goal there is a progress bar to see how far you’ve come already. So you know exactly how much you’ve lifted and the progress you need to make. I only made goals for the big lifts, but you can do it for every single one! For sure something I’d suggest you’d use in the gym!

What are you favorite gym stuff to use? Let me know!

xo Eliza