Hey guys!

I feel like my last week was very busy. It felt like I was going from one thing to the other without much time to stop and take a breath. But that’s OK! I feel like I’ve gotten a lot done and have some goals for the next couple of weeks. But first, how was my week?!

Adjusting Workout Routine

Thursday I had my first session with the physiotherapist. It was as good as a session can be (because, you know, pain). I felt very comfortable, which is very important. You need to be able to relax and trust the person handling your body. So far so good.

He used a lot of techniques I’ve never experienced before. And I’ve seen my fair share of physiotherapist already haha. Apparently my first rib on my back was wedged. So he did a lot of strange things and got it back loose. I know he was using pressure points, but still. Kinda cool how pinching my legs can make my back go to it’s supposed position again. By the way, DO NOT TRAIN LEGS BEFORE GOING TO THE PHYSIOTHERAPIST. When he was handling them I swear I almost jumped of his table. His reaction: You’re very sensitive everywhere. OK…

Afterwards I asked how I could go about my training. He told me I could do everything, but should focus on back workouts and leave chest as it is. That way I can open up my shoulders and chest again, so my posture will be more correct. That’s awesome. Because only training legs was making me feel like a cripple too much haha. So from now on I’ll focus on back, legs (mainly glutes and hammies) and abs. Mainly glutes and hammies because my quads are getting a great workout with all the cycling we’ve been doing lately.

Cycling Challenges

As I just mentioned, we’ve been going cycling a lot the last week and a half or so. I’m starting to notice differences in my legs and I look leaner. Which is the whole point of pedaling like a crazy person. But all kidding aside, I love it! Our rides are getting longer and faster. Of course, it has its challenges.

That freaking wind lately is one of them. Beautiful weather, but damn, I feel like I live at the coast again. Wind makes cycling a lot more challenging. The second and maybe most annoying challenge of cycling is the butt hurt. Yes, literal butt hurt. The saddle ain’t exactly as soft as a cloud. I did purchase a special cycling pants, which helps some, but not enough haha. Last but not least, cycling after leg day is for sure one of the hardest things ever :p But it does help recuperation, I guess. Just please please, don’t make me do too many hills. Thank you.

How was your week guys? I want to know all about it!

xo Eliza