Hey guys!

Slowly but surely I’m making progress. My clothes are telling me I’m getting leaner. And I will tell you a bit about my most expensive hairdressers appointment ever. But first I will tell you all about why I have “Pins&Needles” in the title!


As you know from my previous post, I’m going to the physiotherapist at the moment to fix my shoulder. First appointment went pretty OK. Just a regular check actually and some massaging. So I figured the next appointment was going to be something similar. Getting my muscles loose by massaging. Last Thurssday I found out I was wrong.

“Are you scared of needles, Eliza?”, he asked. Actually, I’m not. So I answered truthfully. I already knew what was coming. My sister has had this treatment too. But I had no freakin’ clue about the pain that was going to be involved. So he put a needle into my back. And wiggled with it some. And then some more. My therapist told me it was OK to swear. Haha. I’m not big on letting anyone see I’m in pain, not even when it feels like my muscles are burning, so I kept it minimal. Afterwards he told me I was going to have some soreness and I should put as much warmth on the area as possible. Because that would help.

The drive back home was a horror. Putting my shifter into gear was very painful to say the least. Felt like the needle was still inside my back. I was glad to park in front of the house and quit driving. My shoulder/back hurt for the entire evening. And I was already in a pretty bad mood because my earlier appointments all had taken longer than expected. I put lots and lots of warmth against it and got into bed early. The next day it was better, but man. Do I hope that my next appointment will be needle-free…

Thursday: appointment day

Since I don’t have to work on Thursday I figured it was a good idea to put all my appointments on the same day. Hairdressers, getting my nails done and physiotherapist. I went to the gym in the morning and the weather was amazing! So I planned a biking trip in my head and some sitting in the sun time for the evening/late afternoon. Ha. Ha. Not. At 12:30 I had my hairdressers appointment. Never in my life have I been at the hair salon for SO LONG and payed SO MUCH. 4 hours and 15 minutes. Thank you very much. I was very annoyed after about three hours already. That’s why I don’t go to the hairdressers much.

I don’t even want to go deeper into the amount of money I payed. But, I must say, it was the first time that I closed the door of the salon behind me and felt completely satisfied with the work that was done. Let me show you my new hairdo before I get into the fitness part of this post:
Follow Me To Fit #11: my new hairdo <3

Getting Leaner

My cut is going well at the moment. My starting weight was 53,6kg. I planned on losing about 5kg, because roughly calculated that was what I needed to lose to have my body fat percentage where I wanted it to be. My goal weight is about 48kg. But weight doesn’t matter really, it more about the way I look. The fluffyness should be less than it was at my starting weight. More defined muscles and an all over leaner look.

So far so good. I’m noticing a difference in my look and I have lost kg’s on the scale too. Sadly I’m not only losing fat, I’m also losing muscles. But so be it. My current weight is 50,7kg. So I’ve lost almost 3kg since starting my cut 4 weeks ago. Upside: I’m not even tracking! As long as I’m losing weight, I will keep on eating intuitively. Mostly because I’m lazy haha. But the second I see the scale isn’t going down for a couple of days I will get my shit together and start tracking. I want to reach my goal by the beginning of May.

When I’ve reached my goal I’m planning to go back to maintenance for some time and then enter bulk-mode! Can’t wait for it. I wantz all the foods and gainz.

xo Eliza