Sometimes you have those moments you want to do everything but just don’t have enough time to get it done. My week was something like that. Even though I really did feel productive and I had gotten a lot done at work.

Lazy Week

Yes, I admit it. It was more of a “lazy” week this week. After work I haven’t been that productive or sporty as I usually am. That happens. I felt more need to invest my time is some rest and sleep than sports and working. I only went cycling twice this week (but with a topper of almost 40km on Sunday) and I didn’t go to the gym once. My body needed some well deserved rest, so I gave it some!

At work I have been very busy though. Which probably explains why I have been so tired this week. All those steps I’ve been doing and on top of that some mentally challenging stuff. Enough reasons to be tired. But that’s OK. That’s why I love my job!

On Thursday we’ve been to Hasselt to buy some much needed stuff. My boyfriend and I needed some new clothes and we were both free on Thrusday. I needed a new black skinny and that one took the longest to find. Finding a nicely fitting pants is really hard for me. They always fit great on my thighs and bottom, but are way too big on my hips. Luckily I found two pants and bought them. With some tweaking of my boyfriends grandmother, they’ll fit like a dream!

Not Enough Time

Frustrating. There is so much I want to do but don’t get done. I’d love to have some more time to blog. I’d also like to find a second job to get some more money, but I need time to go look for one. Time flies and sometimes it feels like I’m losing control over it. Time runs away with me.

On the other hand time goes to slowly. It takes too long before I get my next paycheck (first world problems here :p), it takes to long before I have money saved to invest… Ah. Patience is virtue. I only need to find me some (patience, not virtue haha)

Tell me all about your week in the comment section!

xo Eliza