Hey guys!

It feels like I only just blinked but an entire week has passed! I’ve been really busy at work and that made time fly. Yesterday I finally found myself in the gym again and I decided to take on a challenge!

Back At It

As I explained in my previous Follow Me To Fit, I had decided to take it slow to adapt to the new situations. As I’m starting to find a certain flow I thought it was time to start working out again.

So yesterday I got up, ate breakfast and got into the car to drive to the gym. Not the gym my boyfriend and I visited once before, but another one. I didn’t like the gym my boyfriend goes to because it looked old, equipment was semi-broken and they didn’t even have 12kg bars. The gym I visited did have all those things. It did feel a little full, a lot of equipment jammed into a smaller space. But at least they had tons and tons of different things to play with and it was well kept.

Since I’ve been having trouble with my shoulder/neck again, I decided it would be a smart move to train lower body. With the risk of not being able to stand on my feet the next day haha. So I started off with a warm-up. I used 6kg dumbells to do deadlifts. After my warm-up I continued with Romanian Deadlifts and immediately crushed a personal record! 3 sets of 8 reps with 40kg! That’s the most weight I’ve ever deadlifted. It’s almost my own bodyweight, which is kinda cool actually 😀

After my deadlifts, I did barbell hip raises with 22kg. I decided to put those in because they’re a nice glute builder. I continued with leg press and ended my weightlifting with cable kickbacks. After every workout I do HITT training, which I did on the stair master (dead af) and I stretch. I was very satisfied after training. I’ve missed it.

Taking on the challenge

I’ve been following my good share of YouTubers and one of the channels I follow is the one of Christian Guzman. A couple of weeks ago he explained he was going to do a competition in June and wanted to make a challenge for his viewers. The challenge would be to cut for 90 days together with him. Of course there are prizes to win.

I liked this idea. So I decided I would take on the challenge. Not really for the prizes (although, I can’t deny, they would be the cherry on top of the pie) but because I like the idea of being in the same boat as a lot of people. Doing it together. So, yesterday I started with my cutting macro’s, started tracking again and went to the gym! Let’s do this!

Any else who would like to join? Let me know!

xo Eliza