It’s FRIDAAAAYYYYYY! So that means another Friday Favorites! I know I didn’t write one last week, but I’m going to make it up to you guys with this one 😀

Favorite Game

I’m a gamer. I’ve always been a gamer. Mostly I like consoles, but recently I started discovering games on Steam. Since I have a MacBook I can’t play every game there is for PC, but that doesn’t really matter to me. I’m into a certain kind of genre and most of those games you can find for MAC too. The game I’ve been most addicted to for the past year has been Stardew Valley. I’ve played it for 100+ hours now and I still love it! So if you like indie games that are in pixel art and revolve around farming, mining and the likes, check it out. It’s so good <3

Favorite game: Stardew Valley

All-Time Favorite Fitness YouTube Channel

This probably won’t surprise a lot of you who know me, because I can’t stop talking about this haha. But I’ve discovered the YouTube world like over a year ago, especially the fitness side of things there. And I’ve been following a good amount of youtubers, men as well as woman. But my all-time favorite is Nikki B for sure. She’s so great to watch and I can relate to her. Geeky yet really into fitness. She’s someone I look up to. We are almost the same age and I admire all she has reached already.

Favorite Biking App

Since buying my new bike (I shared it in Friday Favorites #1) I’ve been on a few rides. I thought it would be fun to track my mileage and speeds, so I downloaded an app. The app is called Endomondo and it’s available for iOS and Android. You can add friends to track your progress together. If anyone is interested, add me! My name is Eliza De Bruyne.

Favorite Gym Music

In the past I used Spotify to play my music in the gym, but I was getting tired of the commercials. I used to have premium, but I gave that up to invest in fitness. And I’m not getting it again. At the moment I’ve been using Soundcloud and I love it. It has all my youtube music channels on it, so I can follow them and listen to awesome music. At the moment my favorite gym music channel is TrapNation. The songs are really uplifting with amazing bass and drops.