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Workout Challenges: Why You Should Not Do Them

Lately I see a lot of workout challenges passing by on my Pinterest that make me cringe. The last one I saw was a leg workout that started with 100 squats. It went on to 90 walking lunges, 80 mountain climbers and so forth. Just looking at it made me die a little. I’m a gym regular, I do have heavy workouts. And even I’m not able to do this one. In this post I will explain to you why those workouts won’t do you any good and what you should do instead!

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5 Tips On How To Stay Focused

5 tips on how to stay focused

I’m a really chaotic person. Not the outward messy kind but the sort that keeps all her mess inside her head. At times I find it really difficult to not be overwhelmed by everything that is going on inside my head. I put a lot of pressure on myself and eventually get nothing done due to the stress I create. This means I have trouble with staying focused. Everyone probably knows a person who is bursting with energy and ideas, but gets nothing done. Maybe you are that person. I know I am. So I decided to share some tips with you on how I stay focused on my goals and the tasks at hand. These tips can help you study better, write that paper faster of get that great idea for a blog post written sooner.

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