Injuries. It can happen to anyone. Be it due to an accident or overtraining, shit happens. Of course, we don’t want to be losing any of them hard earned gains. In this post I will give some tips on what not to do when you injured yourself.

Not listening to your body

Many people ignore the signals their body give them. When you feel pain (outside the normal fatigued feeling you get when going in failure) during training, it’s better to stop doing what you are doing and assess. Feeling pain while doing an exercise is not normal. The weight might be too high or there might be something wrong with your muscles/tendons. Stop the exercise and remember what sort of pain you felt. If the pain stays, consult a doctor.

Not adjusting training

So, you have an injury. You know, you feel it, you hate it. We all do. A lot of people make the mistake to keep on training with the same weights, at the same intensity with the same exercises. When you are injured it is important to take a step back. Listen to the advice your doctor of physiotherapist gives you. Are you allowed to do all the exercises? How long should you rest before starting training? Can you use weights? These are things that are really important when you want to make full recovery. If you do not adapt your training according to the injury you have, you are making it worse. Which will make recovery longer, which in turn will make you lose your hard earned gains.

Not doing the exercises your physiotherapist gave you

A lot of times when you have an injury, your physio will give you some exercises to help build strength in that area of your body to help prevent a new injury. Lots of people discard these exercises as useless, forget to do them at home or simply don’t want to do them. You should do them and keep on doing them even after you stopped going to the physiotherapist. They help!

Not re-starting training at a lower intensity

Last, but not least: when you are finally in the clear to train again, don’t start where you left off! This can potentially lead to another injury. Your strength will not be the same so training with the same weight like before your injury will cause overexertion. In the end this will get you down the same road you have been on before. It’s important to lower your intensity when getting back in the gym. Lower the weights, lessen the reps and sets. I know, I hate to do that too. But you will see, muscle memory is a thing and before you know it you’ll be back lifting the same weight you were before your injury!

If any of you have more tips, let me know in the comment section below!

xo Eliza