Lately I see a lot of workout challenges passing by on my Pinterest that make me cringe. The last one I saw was a leg workout that started with 100 squats. It went on to 90 walking lunges, 80 mountain climbers and so forth. Just looking at it made me die a little. I’m a gym regular, I do have heavy workouts. And even I’m not able to do this one. In this post I will explain to you why those workouts won’t do you any good and what you should do instead!


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner of an expert in the gym, overtraining can happen to anyone. When you push your body too hard and don’t give it time to heal again, you are overtraining. Exercises or challenges like the ones you can fine all over the internet let you do way too much and don’t give you enough rest in between. Overtraining can lead to injuries and even a burnout.

What you should do
Listen to your body. You can go very deep when training, that’s ok. But give yourself time to rest and restore after working out. When training there is an ideal time to train again. I’m going to make a post on this very soon.

Promising lies

“Get rock hard abs in 5 days”; “get toned legs in 10 days”; “lose 5kg in a week”… You know the titles, we’ve all seen them at one time or another. They say you can get something in a certain amount of time, but that’s just not attainable. The women you see on these pictures have often trained for a long time to look like that. Getting lean won’t happen overnight (I’m so sorry, I too wish it happened like that…).

What you should do
Have patience, trust the process and be consistent. It’s frustrating to not see change immediately, but it will come. Don’t always trust the scale. Take pictures and compare. Take measurements of your body and you will see them go down! Don’t give up. You will get there!

Getting real about food

They give you the training but shy away from the nutrition. Just focusing on training won’t make your legs look like that or make you abs come into the spotlight. Exercise is only a small part of the process. What you eat is even more important! Let’s be real: do you think it’s possible to lose 5kg if you eat pizza, hamburgers with fries and ice cream everyday all day? Although I wish I could tell you ‘yes, it’s possible’, it’s not.

What should you do
Train and eat according to your goals. Having a healthy diet is very important. A healthy diet for me is a diet where you get your nutrition in but don’t have to scratch foods or food groups. In this post I explain how you can do that.

This all doesn’t mean that those workouts won’t do anything. They are training. Training is necessary to reach your fitness goals. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, keep it real and eat for your goals. Trust the process, you will get there!

xo Eliza